Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The "nightmare" conversation goes something like this:

X: So Claire (me) what are you working on at the moment?

Me: STILL the tiki dress

X: Wow- you have been working on that dress for two months.

Me: *gives mean look* Yea, I know. I had to unpick the zipper, the bodice, and the side wraps. Reattach the side wraps and shorten the bodice by 3 inches.

X: Aren't you 6' tall?

Me: Yea- I usually have to LENGTHEN the bodice. Apparently this pattern was made for Yao Ming.

X: Well you put the zipper back in so you are all done now, right?

Me: NOOOO! The wraps are not sitting correctly so I now have to put little snaps on the bust line and some how tack the sash down on the side seam so they don't pucker. Which all needs to be done by hand *stabbing motion* I have given up on the boning in it too. Maybe I will just rip the sashes off. *sigh* (Any helpful ideas on the sash would be greatly appreciated!)

Meanwhile, I have 2 other projects waiting for me and TWO new machines to play with. Maybe I can make a tiki torch out of this dress! What really burns me (heh) is that I paid quite a bit for this pattern. I am going to need one of these (bel0w) when I am done!

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