Friday, July 22, 2011

What Color Top?

I am planning on making Simplicity 3748 with some cupcake material (please ignore the wrinkles- I haven't pressed it yet) that I have had FOREVER. I wanted to make something funky and fun for the summer. I am sure my birthday at the end of the month had SOMETHING to do with it! ;) But my question is, pink or yellow halter top for this? I plan on making the bolero and the halter top in the same color and making the cuffs in the cupcake pattern. SO what do you think, pink or yellow??


  1. Oh and can I say I am so excited to have a whopping 3 followers?? I actually was all happy when I told Rich about it! So hiiii!

  2. I ended up getting pink! Washing it as I type :)