Monday, July 18, 2011

Shag Me Salon Las Vegas Review

I do not post reviews on my blog but in this case I feel like I have to... yea- it was THAT BAD!

After much "shopping around" and reading reviews I opted to go to this Salon. I was super excited due to all the fab reviews- I have never been so wrong! I now have to go and get color correction due to this establishment. Here's the scoop...

I walk in 10min early, as I always do, to see a child sitting at the receptionist chair. I say, "Hello I have an appointment with Sam." The little girl (who come to find out is the owners child) rolls her eyes and says, "Pfft Sam has no appointments today." To which her mother interjects (with no apology mind you) that my stylist had been switched to Erica. This should have been a sign to walk out, I decided to stay. As I am sitting there the owner burned a client with a flat iron and the stylist (I use that term loosely) I was working with was fixing a guys hair. I was finally seen 15min later than my appointment. Which I had made a week before. I am explaining what I want using rockabilly icons and this girl hadn't a clue. Thank goodness I had pictures! Anywho- I explain what I was doing with my hair and even the level and shade I was at and that I wanted beige natural tones. In addition I say I use "purple" shampoo to stop brassiness all stylists know you have to adjust the toner accordingly. Erica begins cutting (she dry cut my hair) while she was cutting her HANDS WERE SHAKING! She luckily didn't butcher my hair but left a lot of dead ends and really only cleaned up the front. Erica then went to the back to make my coloring and it seriously took her 20min to come back. She was setting up for my highlights and was struggling. I remind her that my highlights had no pattern and they were being used to break up the black (I am lightening my hair). She rinses out my hair and does not put toner over the highlights! They are BRIGHT BLEACHED BLONDE! I ask her, "Are we going to put a toner over this? These highlights are much too bright" This is AFTER I have already told her I am not a fan of highlights that we were using them to break up the deep rooted color. "Oh Oh" she says and puts toner over them.... We go and rinse another time... as she is blowing out my hair (even her hair dryer skills were laughable) I see a blue-green tinge... as it gets a little dryer ALL of my highlights are green/blue! I am like "Ummmm why is this happening?" "Oh OH" she says and pulls me back to the wash basin again. She then pulls SANDY (the one that gets the raves) back into the back room and is gone for 15min. THEN pulls the owner to the back. The owner comes back while Sandy and Erica are still back there and while I am sitting there the owner laughs and says, " haha you will have something to chuckle about! You sure you didn't want blueish hair?" NOT the answer I wanted from the OWNER. They then have to apply a soap cap, more bleach on my already bleached hair, and retone the highlights AGAIN. As we are blowing out my hair for the third time now I see more blue! She calls the owner and sandy over and they insist that its only my imagination. The owner adds that the highlights aren't the same shade but she suggested leaving it bc of all the correction already going on in my hair. Then the owner actually had to TELL Erica to flat iron my hair then they left!... ok fine... So Erica goes to flat iron my hair and I had to stop her. MY HAIR WAS STILL WET! All of you know that is a no no. I had to show Erica where the wet spots were! I was finally done (after 5 hours!) and go home. It looked good. I wasn't worried. Then it started turning colors! I have only washed it once WITH purple shampoo and I have huge spots of brassiness in addition to blue/green. Oh and did I mention she ended up turning my hair DARKER after I specifically said I was lightening my hair. I now am going tomorrow to a color correction pro to get this fixed.

in a nut shell- she covered my highlights in the front of my bangs... did not carry my highlights through,... used a demi permanent... and in the end TURNED MY HAIR BLUE/GREEN!


  1. I too have had serious problems at a high end salon here in the uk. I hope you get your hair how you really want it. Best wishes.

  2. I hope you can fix your hair finally, truly, there are clumsy people into believing that they are professionals in the world, It's embarrassing!

  3. I had a friend come over who does hair and make up for some vintage reproduction stores here on the west coast. She did a fab job and it looks so so so much healthier. She even fixed my babes hair to a tight high pomp!

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