Saturday, July 9, 2011

Halloween Costume

I know you are all like, "Seriously, Halloween??" BUT I am taking advantage of having my summer off to complete this costume. I had purchased all the stuff I needed for it last year September time but due to school (work) I never got around to making it and went as the Bride of Frankenstein instead. So this year I am on it! Mermaid here I come! I am using Simplicity 4043 (below) and some mermaid-e looking fabric. I hope the satin does not give me a headache!


  1. Very silky and sparkly, lovely fabric choice.

  2. Aw thanks! I am thinking about switching patterns. The pattern is 4 sizes too small for me and I am worried about resizing it.

  3. The first time I sewed satin, I used enough cuss words to rival a Sam Kinison or Andrew Dice Clay routine! LOL Have a fresh sharps needle, use silk/satin pins, and remember it's supposed to be slippery. It also ravels/frays. Hand-basting helps, as do French seams where practical.

    I not only bought more satin, I also bought silk charmeuse (now there's a fun one!).