Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrift Store Find

As many of you know I am always at some sort of thrift shop. This past weekend I found about 2 yards of some neat looking old fabric for $2.99. Now to find the perfect top to make with it! I am thinking about a late 40s top, like Vouge2859 (see below). What'cha think?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fixing the Bodice...

I originally was planning on wearing this during VLV14 but when I tried it on (before I put the zipper in) the top was horridly too small (I got "side boob"). Everything else fit so perfectly except the top!

Be warned well endowed ladies the Butterick pattern B5603 (below) view C, it is not made for a D cup! I unpicked the shoulders and where the dress "wraps" on either side in hopes that I could rid of the horrid "side boob". I am planning on putting bias tape at the edges so the end of the wrap that is visible looks more deliberate and that I meant it to end there. I will post piccys when (fingers crossed) it fits!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I just started crocheting and I seriously find it more difficult than sewing!

Zombie Themed Party

Zombie Cupcakes! They were filled with strawberry jelly to make them "bloody" for all the zombies. Oreo Cakesters made the headstones and I cut the arms off skeletons to make the zombie arms. They glowed in the dark! In addition, I used a die-cut for the black fence that went around the cupcake to give it a real "graveyard" appearance. Finally, I made the cupcake stand out of a cheap cardboard stand, a glow in the dark brain, and some bloody gauze from the goody bags mentioned below.

Plus are the goody bags that I made for the Zombie themed party. The "bags" were bloody gauze (not real hehe) filled with body part candy with a stretchy skeleton tied on top with a zombie poem that I wrote!

Edible Arrangement...

Edible flower arrangement for Valentine's Day! It only cost me a few dollars to make and was very impressive looking.

Sweetheart Themed Party!

Little cupcakes and the "big top" cherry filled cupcake that collapsed on the way to the party! Plus the goodie bags I made filled with themed goodies for our social club!

Apple Pin Cushion

I plan on making some "poison apples" soon!