Thursday, January 28, 2010


I made a few aprons for Christmas presents. I selected the fabric based on their interests etc. I am waiting for them to mail me the piccys!


One of the aprons:

This is another apron I made using the same pattern:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's ON!

I am starting to make a new dress using this pattern below. The dress on the left with the little caplet. I think I am going to be lazy and not line the caplet or the dress and just wear a slip and suck it up.

Pattern B5032:

The material I hope it comes out. It is a shinny cream with gold embroidery. I got it for $1.50 a yd:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Old Project

I made this for VLV 12- I used a heavy cotton blend. I used a Halloween pattern and shortened it to give it the real "look" of the mid 50s. I wish I would have used a heavier interfacing for the waist band. The stiffness was for a Halloween costume, not a skirt to dance in. The cincher belt helped the waist rolling. I used bias tape to hem the bottom to give it a little more weight for the dancing. Total cost (including top/excluding petticoats $13)

The pattern Butterick B4114:

The skirt: (Not the best picture. I found the top at my local thrift shop!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Call me crazy but I have 6 projects!

I have 6 projects that I need to get done before viva... I will keep you posted!

Orange aka "How do I get in this?" Dress

This number was also made for the 2nd RBR. This dress was so easy I made it hard. It said for you to put elastic in the waist but I could not figure out how it would help at all so I omitted it from the pattern. This later resulted in me shimming and shaking my way into the dress but it still worked. This is another dress I opted for a color block belt. I wish I would have made it with a stiffer interfacing because by the end of the day the belt was rolling.

Pattern Butterick B4513:

Dress: (Not the best picture but it's all I have!)

Green aka "make sure the seams arent ripping" Dress

I made this for the 2nd Rockabilly Rave USA. I messed up on the left arm (seen right on the picture) and used "cheap" fabric so there was some pull on the seams. Also, It has you use sew in interfacing. After talking to the nice ladies at Hancock fabrics we decided that I could use iron stick interfacing which worked out just fine! But for a few time wear dress and it costing a whole whoppin $11 to make it was worth it. I plan on making a more "tiki" looking one of these with longer ties at the shoulders.

Pattern Butterick6582 1960s retro dress:


The Red Dress!

This was made for Viva 12 --2009
I made a cincher belt instead of the belt that they said to make. I felt it made my waist look smaller and tamed some of the insane gathering for the skirt.
Pattern is a Butterick Retro Pattern B4792:


My Plan...

So my plan here is to blog about different dresses I have made. I know when I was first starting up the sewing process I was at a loss of the step-by-step wonders of decoding the patterns. Plus, it is a little for me to keep all my creations in the same place. Maybe eventually even sell some!