Sunday, June 23, 2013

Orange Summer Dress

This dress was my second dress I had ever made. I made some serious errors in the waist band and was super embarrassed to wear it. I unpicked the waist and fixed the gathering issues, tried it on, and fell in love with it again. I am still not super in love with this pattern. I just recently reused the top (pictures to come later) to make a different dress and I do not like how it sits. It is loose fitting and not the 50s clean cut look I like. Plus, you have to put elastic in the back and I HATE that!

Some of the facts are lost on this project seeing it was made about 4 years ago. Sorry I do not have any other tips for this dress, but it was just too cute to not share!

The Facts
Fabric: A type of nylon satin.
Lining- None... I wore a petticoat I "made" (chopped in 1/2) from a wedding petticoat I found at a local thrift shop.
Pattern: Butterick 4513.
Year: circa 1957 (pattern reprint)
Notions: Four Packages of 1/2" Double Fold Bias Tape (I used more to bring down the color to the hem), hooks and eye (I made my own belt).
Changes: The pattern calls for elastic, but I did not put it in. I hate how elastic looks in the waist of dresses so I am not going to lie I shimmy and shake to get into this dress! I added the bias tape to the bottom to bring down the color and added more bias tape to the tie straps for a more full bow.

Excuse the goofy faces :) The skirt is REALLY full. I had a petticoat on and that is how the dress sat.

I made a matching flower hair clip to match! I have Remix Daras on in soft gold. BEST SHOES EVER!

Rich and I at the Charles Phoenix Show at VLV.

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