Sunday, June 23, 2013

1950s Wedding DIY

I feel like I have been in a whirlwind this year. We are finally getting married in 20 days, 57 minutes, 45 seconds (I have a count down timer). We made ALL of our own centerpieces, decorations, invitations, save the date cards, food, and music. Man, am I exhausted. Here is a little sneak peak of our decor! The venue is a hall built in the 40s. I will post pictures of the dress, his suit, the hall, the car, the honeymoon etc. when the chaos is all over. I have managed to sew some over these past 10 months, but could not find the time to post. I will be posting the projects when I am done sharing all the wedding goodies. 

Our theme is, obviously, 1950s large wedding. I am convinced we are a HUGE fire hazard with all the crepe paper.

Bubbles. We will have rice/confetti as well but who does not want bubbles? I glued little daisies and leaves atop 60 little bottles.

Our centerpieces. Made from cupcake stands with pastel pink, yellow, blue, and purple flowers. I glued matching ribbon around each cake round. Each center piece has a different vintage cake topper. The open seating will be typed, it was my trial run :) On the shelves below will be our favors, and of course, Jordan almonds in matching pastel colored bags.

Our invites. Each are double sided and backed with glittery pastel paper. Not one invite grouping is the same (RSVP card, ceremony card). Each has 24 hand glued stars on the corners. The envelopes were pastel. There's Rich in what we started calling the Wedding Sweat Shop.

Menu Cards. The colored background matches our wedding invitations. My Mum made the kissing bride/groom. She was determined to make the groom have a pomp, but it ended up more like an afro :) still super cute.

Ignore the Elvis poster and pictures hanging. They were from my shower. We made 48 of these. They will be hanging over each table.
Close up. Each pom-pom has a different petal design.

Me celebrating it is all done! Now we wait until the day before to go and decorate the hall.

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