Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bra Top and Skirt

I love the look of PUG's bra tops but was not OK with spending $60 on one item of clothing. So I decided to make one. I also had some super cute new clip on earings that I wanted to match up with an outfit. So my stripy creation was born!

Bra Top-

I wanted it to look something like this: (not in polka dots)

And I got something that looked like this: (What do you think?)

The Facts
Fabric: Kona heavy cotton. $7 a yard.
Lining- Same as the outter construction.
Pattern: McCalls 6350. I love this pattern because you can select your cup size. Why haven't other companies picked up on this??
Year: modern pattern.
Notions: zipper that separates, boning, bias tape (I had to use some because I got in a jam with the hem).
Changes: Well, I did not make it dress :) and added thicker straps. I followed the manufacturers details pretty much to the T. I added about 3 inches to the length of the bodice. The added 3 inches was still not enough. Therefore I added the bias tape to hem the bottom of the top. When it came to adding the zipper I made a mistake and already understiched the very top of the, well top. So the zipper needed some magic (some shoving and pinning). It ended up just fine. The zipper top pokes me a little, but I am working on softening it up.

The Skirt-

The Facts
Fabric: Joann's discount bin $2 a yard juvenile cotton.
Lining- none. Red petticoat.
Pattern: Simplicity 3748
Year: circa mid 1950s (reprint of a pattern)
Notions: zipper (I am finally using some of my vintage metal zippers!) and interfacing.
Changes: Made the waist band wider.

The pleats took forever in this skirt. You hem it before you do the pleats. I think next time I would actually make this skirt a shorter. I wasn't sure if I liked the proportions of the skirt. Not sure if the fabric pattern threw off the proportions or what.

Bruce and Louise's trailer. Love it.

My accessories that inspired this outfit and inside the trailer.

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