Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thriting Finds Part 3

While out we popped into a few main stream thrift stores and found some things!

Hi-Jacks Swizzle Stick straws and Glass Coozie (not sure on the technical term for them) but on the back it says that this set will "bring the gaiety of the rainbow to any gathering, these Hi-Jacs and swizzle sticks compliment your taste as they compliment your glasses. Made of the finest quality materials, they add a flourish of flattering, stylish color to your entertaining... Keeps ice longer- protects your fine furniture- wonderful to hold" ($6)

A "table" (what they had it at the store as) to put Rich's records. Not sure if that's what it is suppose to be used for but that is what we got it for. ($20)

Two covered buckle kits that were thrown in a bag with 2 napkin rings and a hot glue gun stick. ($3 for the pair)

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