Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thrifting Finds

After a long, long, loooooooong dry spell in thrifting (I am talking over 5 months) here in Vegas we finally found some stuff! We got a dresser, records, a coat, some speakers, and snack serving set. Here is a "group shot" of our finds:

As I was sitting on the floor looking through containers of records I came by some 45s. We would love your help! We are new to the record thing and would like to know if they are original labels or re-presses. Also, how do you clean the records? Many of these have just layers of dust on them.

1. Jerry Lee Lewis: Breathless & Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Smash Records)
2. Bill Haley and His Comets: Shake, Rattle and Roll & A.B.C Boogie my new fave song- it's about a teacher!(Decca)
3. The Five Keys: Wisdom of a Fool & Now Don't That Prove I Love You (Capitol)
4. Delbert McClinton: Let Me Be Your Lover & Sam Cooke: Only Sixteen (Capitol)
5. Ray Charles: Booty Butt & Lee Morgan: Sidewinder (Tangerine Records)
6. Les Baxter: More Love Than Your Love & The High and the Mighty (Capitol)this record is a lot heavier than the others.
7. Disneyland presents the Story of Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger with Songs this came with a book once upon a time. I have seen others in thrift shops produced in the 60s
8. Four Aces: Three Coins in the Fountain & Wedding Bells (Decca)
9. Ralph Brewster and the Toppers: Searchin' & "Scat Man" Crothers: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter. & Dave Burgess: Bye Bye Love & Lew Raymond Orchestra: Around the World (Tops)
10. Laurie Lowman: Johnny Angel & Love is a Gypsy (ABC Paramount)

We also got some "box sets" of records. They actually looked more like books. The copy right date on them is 1947. I would like to know if they are really from 1947. The records in them are 78s. Any information on them would be great. They look like this:

The record books with the girl on them are Dorothy Shay: The Park Avenue Hillbillie "Goes to Town" and "Sings" both from Columbia Records. The teal one is Bing Crosby "Don't Fence Me In" but is a compilation of different songs. 1) The Andrews Sisters: Don't Fence Me In & Pistol Packin' Mama. 2) Bailes Brothers: As Long as I Live & Searching for a Soldiers Grave. 3) Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys: Cotton Eyed Joe & Staccato Waltz

We also got some, what I call "regular" records, but I am told they are called 33s (lol). Anywho the titles/artists for these are: (I am not going to list the songs because there are too many on the record to type!)

1. The Four Preps
2. The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band (copy right 1975) and it also sounds nothing like Hawaiian music. Sounds more like Willie Nelson.
3. A Christmas Carol narrated Lionel Barrymore & Beloved Christmas Hymns and Carols (coming to you straight from the 60s!)

Then we also came across some interesting signed records. 2 from Don Ho and 1 from Arthur Lyman: Yellow Bird. I actually really like this one. I need to have a swag tiki party now!

Then it comes to the girly stuff that I get super-de-duper excited about! I found a Anchorglass Serve-a-Snack Set, a dresser, and cape.

The Jacket:

The Serving set comes with 4 glass cups and 4 trays with a great circular pattern. I adore they are still in the box.

Then, I saved the best for last, the dresser. I adore this dresser. Take a look! Does anyone think they have a date for this? All the runners are wood. I am horrible at dating furniture. I can say "mid-century" but I would like more then that.

We got the dresser for $85 out the door. Everything else listed total was $40. A great day hunting! I would love to hear your input on the finds.

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