Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thriting Finds Part 2

After such wonderful luck yesterday we decided to hit the stores again today in hunt for other great deals. Plus I wanted to look for a punch bowl in hopes to use it for our Sock Hop (look for a post on that later this week) to serve our guests my yummy orange-cream punch. Well I was lucky and found a punch bowl AND cups for $4 and some patterns for 70c each!

This pattern is my fave, it has a detachable collar. I love that idea, you can totally change the look of the dress.

These are from the 60s but I still think they are darling.

This is my punch bowl. It has 9 cups. I am assuming at some point in time there were 12 glasses. The bowl and the cups have raised roses on them. I picked up a cheap ladle at the Dollar store.

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