Friday, June 15, 2012

Tiki Nightmare Dress

I must say after much fighting with this "Tiki Nightmare Dress" I really like how it came out. I had to take out the boning to fix the length of the bodice and could not get it back in. I wish I could have gotten the boning back in because the top did not have the stiffness in it. I remedied this by using a bustier bra top. I also need to add a hook and eye to the top. While I was dancing the top came undone! Gave all the gentlemen a look at my "remedy" *lol*

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton fabric $2 a yard (see details here)
Lining- The pattern did not call for lining. In the future, I will put one in otherwise the boning casing will show.
Pattern: Simplicity 4559 that I paid too much for (see here)
Year: It's a "new" pattern from the 90's
Notions: zipper and boning
Time to complete: for-ev-er.
First worn: VLV 2012.
Wear again? I hope so.
Changes for the future: create a lining. I changed it TOO much to begin with and had to go back to the original pattern.


  1. It came out great and looks super on you!

  2. Love the dress and adore your fabric.

  3. Wow, it turned out beautifully!! I love the colors too :)

  4. The fabric was such a find from Hancock fabrics. I usually never find anything I like there.