Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6199 Brilliance HELP!

I need help with my Singer. It is CONSTANTLY throwing a C4 code. The bobbin thread is just getting out of control tangled. I contacted singer and they said I must be putting the bobbin in wrong and to watch the  video. Surprise (sarcasm), I was not putting it in wrong. I can turn it off and come back to it and the jam magically has stopped. I have only used it for about 7 projects.

The reviews on Singer are either "I hate it- it jams" (what I am having issues with) OR "I love it!" I want to love it, I really do! It has great features but I am at my witts end trying to fix it. All of my projects are taking forever and my material is getting ruined as it is getting pulled into the jam where the bobbin is.

Any suggestions would be great.

This is the machine:

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  1. I have a new Singer also. Timing problems. Mine was way out of timing straight from the factory. The excellent technician did a great job getting it knitting the threads again. Good luck! Love your work, found you recently!