Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sewing Room

My "sewing" room is a mish-mash of office, records, crafts, library, Rich's closet (he is such a nice guy and gave me the master closet. This is a good thing because I have so many dang clothes), and actual sewing things.

I, which I am sure my fellow seamstresses understand, am a material hoarder. And I "collect" patterns do I can never find the pattern I am looking for which adds to the madness of the room.

So anywho, I was running out of room for my patterns (see pic) and my fabric was just getting piled into heaps. I brought home a file cabinet from my class to store my patterns and set off "organizing" my room.

After I was all done my room still looks horrible and disorganized. I like how the patterns are but hate everything else. I know you should roll your fabric to store it, but I do not think I have the room. Any hints on how to fix my fabric mess would be great.

Before: (the fabric is stacked on the floor)
After I was finished "organizing"
I put all the patterns in different files and the bolts of fabric next to it.

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  1. I too have this problem. No matter how much I tidy it does not look any different. I like to think of it as an organised mess.