Saturday, April 16, 2016

Undocumented Projects

Ooo doesn't "undocumented projects" sound so mysterious and something you would see on the X-Files?? No? Hehe...

Although my life has felt like a bit of an X-Files episode and I have not been posting, I have not completely taken a break from sewing. I have done a few small projects here and there. I figured I would post them all in one spot.

First up, two creations using Simplicity 3688.

I would never have thought about sewing this skirt. It was frumpy and "blah" looking. But after seeing a few other ladies' creations I figured I would give it a whirl, and I am glad I did! The first time I made this pattern, in typical me sewing fashion I wanted to use a heavy fall-like material at the start of spring. There is top stitching throughout the front and it is just such an easy sew!   

The second time I made the skirt I used a cotton (which is good because it was in Las Vegas in the middle of summer). I used a heavy white top stich for the panels and really love how it came out. It is so flattering. In my typical hoarding style I had enough material to create a shirt to go with it using the Jasmine Collette pattern that I originally used here. I love the versatility of the two pieces that can be worn together for a dress look or separate.

My husband not looking happy about the picture!

Please excuse my hair in the below pictures. I am trying to grow it out (I chopped it off and donated it to charity) and I keep forgetting this length needs to be brushed after wardrobe changes. Also, it is snowing it up outside so you get to see the boring inside of my bedroom doors! 

Have you used this pattern before? I would love to see your creations! 

Second up, 60's vibe romper using McCall's 6969 

This pattern took a lot of adjusting. The proportions were off and I looked like one of the gals from Hot Dog on a Stick.... (you know the outfit I am talking about!). I used some super cute buttons from an estate of a seamstress that seemed to hoard everything. I am thinking they were from the late 60s. 


I created a tie belt to go with this outfit. I did not include the elastic waist as I believe this pattern instructed. I figured I would always wear it with the belt, so there is no need.  Some things of note for this pattern, the arm holes are very large. I usually have the opposite problem of having to make the armholes bigger, but that was definitely not the case with this pattern. I also extended the bodice about an inch (being so tall I always get cut off with rompers) and I had an issue with the button placement. I would definitely refine the button placement next time as I almost had a boy's boxer look with the bottom button (yikes). I am also not super pleased with how the crotch (I hate that word) looks in it. I flounced around making my husband and mom look at it, and they did not see any issues. Maybe it is a mental block with me and shorts...

The finished product: 

Overall, I would like to make this again to try to recreate a the 1940s 2 piece beach set look like the darling sets below.

Third Up, a novelty print skirt using Simplicity 3478

I really enjoy this skirt pattern. It is so flattering and so easy to work with when you are using a single direction print. And the love I have for novelty print is strong, so when I find a pattern that works, I hold true :) I originally made this dress using a stripe that went one direction. I wrote all about it here. This dress had pretty pleats throughout and because of the print on this skirt I decided to use the artist tape trick to keep super straight clean lines (I didn't want a wonky donkey!). Here are some pictures of how I set up the pleats using the tape:
I love how the lines are nice and straight. And for sewers like me who have ADSD (attention deficit sewing disorder) it is a nice way to keep track of what line goes where!

I went to the fair and got so many compliments on my skirt. have you made any parts of this pattern yet?
The burro skirt: 

Fourth, a novelty print skirt and blouse using Simplicity 2154

I have made this skirt two times now, and be warned- it runs big! The top on the other hand runs pretty true to size. I was a little miffed bc I cut the smaller size thinking it would follow the sizing of the skirt, so my "girls" are a little squished! But just like the set I made above in creation #1 I love the versatility of the top and skirt. My only real struggle with this outfit is finding a pale pink cardigan and shoes to go with it! 

Isn't this print just the cutest?? 

The top:
I should have extended the length of the top by about an inch or so. As you can see the darts do not sit quite right. I am not sure if I would have cut the larger size if the darts would be in the right place. But generally I lengthen all patterns by an inch or so. I had some major issues with the bow on this shirt. The material is a heavy cotton and I had originally put interfacing into the bow (I believe the pattern instructed to do so). The interfacing made the bow piece so hard and stiff I could not get it into the shape of the bow! Thank GOODNESS I buy fabric by the bolt not knowing what the project is I will be using it. I had enough fabric to re-cut the piece and did not insert the interfacing this time. The second attempt of the bow went much more smoothly. 

The skirt:  
This is an easy skirt pattern to follow (once you get the sizing right). I lengthened it a bit as I like my skirts below the knee. This skirt pattern would lend itself nicely to the addition of side-seam pockets as the zipper is at the back (I just may do this next time!)

Please excuse the lack of shoes and accessories. I wanted to snap a few quick pics to add to show you the skirt/shirt combo as I have not worn this outfit yet. It is snowing up a storm outside (YES, in April!) so you are subjected to the ugly bedroom door! 


  1. I love the bow top! I passed over that pattern as it's very blocky and not flattering for me, but seeing how well your blouse came out makes me want to try it.

    1. Thanks so much! I love it when someone's project makes you rethink a pattern. This was a very stiff fabric, it would look even more delicate in a silkier fabric.

  2. Love that blue skirt and short suit. Also the pink poodle top/skirt is a great style for you though maybe not in a snowstorm.

    1. Thanks so much! It is finally warming up here (we MAY get snow on Fri/Sat) but I am hunting to find a cute pink cardi to go with the poodles. How darling would it be to wear to the office?