Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fabric Find

As I was joining the masses of people who had yet to finish their Christmas shopping I popped into a thrift shop (Saver's) and found over 9 yards of this fabric for $8. I am planning on making a play-suit. I REALLY want to make one of those corny matching outfits they had during the 50s. You know, the "his and hers" look. I do not think Rich would approve though! lol.


  1. ooohhh...what a FABULOUS find! And 9 yards!!!! It would be perfect for matching his and hers 50's beach outfits!

  2. wowsers! What a great find! If you can't talk rich into his & hers outfits, at 9 yards you could make a play suit and matching skirt...and maybe a bolero too! You'd be the envy of all the girls at the Viva pool party. :)

  3. I am finally posting my project I made with this fab fabric! I have yet to make Rich a shirt with it. I will for sure before we go on our Christmas cruise.