Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orange Creamsicle

Honestly, I have not been hiding! Mid July we went to Reno for a wedding and it seems like after that it has been a whirl-wind of "to do". The school year is almost starting so this teacher has been busy making her classroom Cat in the Hat-tastic (more pics on that later). But, back to the wedding- this is the dress I made to wear to the wedding. Love it.

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton from Joann's "baby" collection. $1 a yard!
Lining- Lined with the same fabric.
Pattern: Vintage Vogue 8789
Year: circa 1957
Notions: zipper and 3 hooks
Time to complete: I can not remember the time. It was not very long once I got the darts right.
First worn: July 2012.
Wear again? Yes! I love the dress.
Accessories: Remix reproduction shoes (worth every penny), thrifted hat (changed the ribbon), pearl earrings, straw bag, trusty parisole (it was so hot!), crocheted gloves, petticoat that I "made" from a thrifted wedding petticoat. 

This dress was one of those "this is too easy to be true" dresses where you know something is going to go wrong! I did not like how the darts sat and redid them about a million times! I also do not like how the arm hole lining sits. I would make it longer. I notched it a bunch and it still did not sit correctly. The pictures were taken in Rich's aunt/uncle's yard and then at the park the wedding was held in. There's a few piccys!

I had to add a cute shot of the "soon to be"
Such nerds! Doing our own photo shoot while the bride and groom took pics!

 Although cute, the pictures don't show all the work in the dress. This dress seriously required EPIC gathering. I used Colette's trick of three lines of basting to gather. 
Crazy gathering!

I understand now why they have you make a cummerbund! To cover all these funky gathers!

I am proud of how closely I matched up the lines. This is only my second cheveron dress and I am pleased with it :) 


  1. I am so jealous... I tried to sew this dress and the result was so horrible I scrapped the dress and harvested the fabric for other uses. The bodice was so misshapen! Yours is so great! I will have to revisit this seeing how great yours is. I am now following your blog on Bloglovin. Thanks for the post!

    1. At first when I put a "normal" bra on the bodice looked horrid. I used a bra from Her Room. It is a long line bra that gives the vintage look. I am guessing this pattern assumed you would have a bra like this (who knows with Vogue??) This is the website for the bra: http://www.herroom.com/goddess-gd689-lace-longline-bra.shtml