Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red, White, and Boob *ahem* BLUE

Yes! I said, "boob!" As you can see in the picture where I am flashing the camera it is a little big and droops. BUT when I tightened it up, it was way too tight and squished the "girls". The top on this dress is still on perfect, I still need to work on it. Not sure what to do to make it work. Thoughts??

This was my "first" on a few things! It was my first attempt at sewing anything with lines. After having this fabric in my stash for years I decided to take the plunge and make a dress! The hardest part about the stripes- the darts! I am still working on that one. Any helpful hints on how to concur these striped darts would be great.The second "first" was top stitching. I mixed red and white thread together in the upper needle to get the patriotic feel. I must admit, I was very pleased with the outcome. (The soon to be was impressed too!)

Back to the "boob!" This dress top is VERY low cut. I was a tad self-conscious and kept the jacket done up. I was surprised it was so low, usually Butterick patterns are pretty modest. I had to button it higher than what the pattern called for. Which is odd- I usually have to lengthen things because I am so tall.

Ok I promise, I won't say BOOB again! Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth.

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton with a sheen (not sure what that is called) and blue cotton.
Lining- Lined with the same fabric.
Pattern: Butterick Retro 5214
Year: circa 1947
Notions: zipper and covered buttons
Time to complete: Under 8 hours but the fitting took a while. A whole lot of basting :)
First worn: VLV 2012.
Wear again? Yes! For the Fourth of July!
Accessories: Remix reproduction shoes (worth every penny), red Bakelite bangles and rose earrings. 


  1. I love this on you! I hav this pattern an am so pleased to see it on a gal with shape. Nicely done!

  2. Thanks so much. I need to find a way to make the bust fit better.

  3. I love it! I'm just about the start this one and finished retracing a new bodice out. Still need to sew up the muslin on the bodice, perhaps now I'll extend the top edge up a bit so it won't be so low - I don't have much up top to show, but what I do have I don't want showing!!! :)

    1. Miranda - be warned the dress is very large. I must have taken it in at least 4 inches then dealt with the bust. I should have done a muslin like you are, but in pure VLV style I left it to last minute. You will have to tell me how the bodice goes. I would live to see piccys!

  4. Very cute!
    (And I think I might have seen you at the last VLV looking awesome).

    Have you considered cheap light weight sew-in interfacing to trace your patterns? Its what we use over here in Australia. Very light, cheap, strong and see-through enough to trace the patterns.
    Plus - you can pin your pattern pieces together to test the fit!

    1. Bex- thanks so much for te awesome compliment. I am kinda hard to miss, I am 6' bare foot :) are you going to viva this 2013?

      As far as interfacing as a pattern, by the yard is kinda pricey. I buy packs of 99 cent stuff but it is very narrow. How do you get it to stay together when tracing larger pieces?

  5. I sewed this dress several years ago, but I didn't find the neckline to be too low- pretty sure I have worn things cut a lot lower than this! Your version is pretty! Loving the stripes!