Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zombie Themed Party

Zombie Cupcakes! They were filled with strawberry jelly to make them "bloody" for all the zombies. Oreo Cakesters made the headstones and I cut the arms off skeletons to make the zombie arms. They glowed in the dark! In addition, I used a die-cut for the black fence that went around the cupcake to give it a real "graveyard" appearance. Finally, I made the cupcake stand out of a cheap cardboard stand, a glow in the dark brain, and some bloody gauze from the goody bags mentioned below.

Plus are the goody bags that I made for the Zombie themed party. The "bags" were bloody gauze (not real hehe) filled with body part candy with a stretchy skeleton tied on top with a zombie poem that I wrote!

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